Tips for Choosing a Good PC power supply

PC power supply is a frequently overlooked PC component. Many PC users choose a power supply based on the total wattage alone and assume that the higher the voltage the better. Other users do not pay attention to their PSU selection and go with any kind as long as it works in their computers. However, considering how important a good power supply is to a computer stability and long-term reliability it is a shame that the PC power supply do not get even little attention compared to the sexier components such like the SSDs and the graphic cards.

Because the manufacturers know that most customers pay less or no attention to PC power supply units the market is filled with substandard components that has overstated capabilities. This information is going to help you to find an efficient power supply component to make sure that your computer gets solid and stable power supply.

How to choose a power supply

  1. Devote as much thought to your power supply as much you do to your PC’s Processor.

Although there is no common universal rule to select the best PC power supply, there are various indicators that provide circumstantial evidence of PSU quality. First, you must make sure that you buy the PC power supply from a reputable manufacturer. Always make sure that you look for its review before making the purchase. In addition, make sure you buy PC supply components from only reputable brands that offer solid warranties and support. Avoid a cheap generic supply that tends to be substandard.

Choose the PC power supply components that are heavy and large, Puny and lightweight model components tend to be substandard. High quality power supply components use improved capacitors, chokes and other internal components. They also come with larger heat sinks for superior heat dissipation.

  1. All about output

The manufacturer always indicates the power supply’s output in watts. A power supply component with high wattage means that they supply more power. A desktop power supply has a power output rating between 200-1800 watts for ultra high-end enthusiast product. If the wattage were higher than this it means that, they would exceed the capabilities of a typical 15-ampere electrical outlet. You need to select a power supply with the right wattage to provide a continuous supply and not the one for peak power.

3. An efficient PSU is a better PSU

A PC power supply efficiency rating is very vital because the more efficient units tend to have better components, generate less heat, has less noise and waste less power. A power supply with a rating of 80% means that it provides 80%of its wattage as power to your system while losing the other 20% as heat. Look for units that have an 80% plus certification. Make sure that you select a PSU with at least an 80% plus certification for you to get a good PC power supply unit.

You should make sure that you also select the PC power supply component with a great rail rebate. A PSU with a single rail power supply means that it has only one rail that supply 12volts to power hungry component. A multi- rail component divides the output between two or more 12v rails. If you have this in your mind you will have an easier time selecting the best PC power supply to give your PC uninterrupted power supply every time you use it.


Choosing the Perfect Personal Computer Gaming Speaker

Computer games have gained great popularity in the twenty first century. In fact, many people earn livelihood as gamers, game designers and so forth. One important aspect that determines the quality of a computer game is the sound quality.
Irrespective of where they play, gamers not only enjoy the motion of images but also the sounds. A war game, for example, would be way more exciting to play if the speakers make the gamers feel like they are in a real battlefield.

A significant fraction of PC owners also enjoy playing computer games merely for leisure. Even then, there is need for high quality speakers. The challenge then becomes how to choose great speakers for personal computer gaming. Shopping for a suitable speaker for computer games require some considerations to be made beforehand including:

1. Availability of space
Speakers greatly vary in size. Some speakers also come with mounting options like stands of different sizes. Having in mind the space that is available for the speakers, it becomes easy to draw a limit as far as size is concerned. Rule of the thumb: It won’t hurt to choose a smaller speaker as long as the features are suitable even if space is not a problem since you may need to use them in a smaller space elsewhere.

2. Sound controls
Although computers themselves have sound controls, speakers should also have their own set of sound controls. The vast majority of speakers have volume control. For gaming purposes, having a bass control is a necessity. Most speakers with bass controls come with subwoofers.
A remote control in also important because having to get out of the comfort of the couch in the middle of a game sucks.

3. Speaker systems
The three common speaker systems include 2.1 system, 5.1 system and 7.1 system. It is important to note that normally computer sound systems are limited to the first two. 2.1 systems have great stereo sound. 5.1 systems usually come with a subwoofer hence need a little more space.

The choice of speakers greatly depend on the tastes and preferences of the user. However for gaming purposes, the desired qualities are strikingly similar therefore many gamers can unanimously agree on a good PC gaming speaker. Below are three examples of speakers that rock the PC gaming world:

a) Genius SW-G2.1 2000
Aided by the two satellite speakers it comes with, it produces an unbelievable sound. The two satellite speakers produce high watts which pump more life into the game. These speakers are probably the best for PC gaming given the powerful sound that they produce. Furthermore, they also volume control as well as bass control.

b) Genius SW-G2.1 1250
This speaker is relatively cheaper and it also has a fairly strong sound. It comes with a subwoofer and two satellite speakers hence occupy more space as compared to the first one.

c) GOgroove Bass PULSE
This model is the most beautifully engineered of all the three with glowing LED of different colors. The speaker has a great sound and produces probably the greatest bass.

The bottom line is that PC gaming require high quality speakers. This is a common interest of all the gamers irrespective of the purpose for which they play. Choosing the perfect gaming speakers may sound difficult but with knowledge of what a person is looking for in a speaker, the whole exercise is just a piece of cake.