Are plug in radon detectors accurate?
Are plug in radon detectors accurate?

How accurate are electronic radon detectors?

The monitors had a range of uncertainty from 2%–15% with a range of precision from 1%–24%. The monitors performed better at higher radon levels than at levels near the Canadian guideline level of 200 Bq m−3, and slightly better during 'summer' conditions than during 'indoor winter' conditions.

Are portable radon detectors accurate?

Short-term radon tests are susceptible to spikes in radon levels that can skew the average. Because of this, they are considered the least accurate test option.

Do radon monitors work?

A radon detector's results are often displayed as picocuries per liter of air, which may sound incredibly small, but still represent a health hazard. A radon detector calibrated for home use should provide accurate and reliable readings, especially if the concentration level exceeds 4 picocuries.