Can rain set off motion lights?
Can rain set off motion lights?

Why does my sensor light keep coming on?

Faulty wires, bulbs that do not work or are dead, and bad electrical connections are all reasons why your motion sensor lights might be turning on and off. If it is on a high sensitivity level, it may be detecting too much movement.

Can wind set off outdoor motion lights?

In normal conditions, wind alone can't set off the motion detector. Air doesn't have an infrared heat signature, so the PIR won't capture any movement with the wind blowing past. And basic movement sensors are based on light, so don't see the invisible air particles' movement.

Why does my motion sensor light come on during the day?

The outside air temperature is close to the same as a person's body heat. Increase the “Sensitivity” setting. The light comes on during the day. The “ON-TIME” switch is in the test position to allow light fixture operate during the day.