Can you put a tracking device in someone?
Can you put a tracking device in someone?

Can someone put a tracker on you?

Even if you're cautious about what information you reveal online, it's possible someone could stalk you via apps installed on your smartphone. Stalking apps (also known as spyware and stalkerware) are apps that someone can download onto your phone to secretly track you.

Can you get a tracking device implanted?

People are spending thousands of dollars to have GPS tracking-enabled RFID chips implanted under their skin and the skin of family members. According to Xega, the Mexican company that sells the RFID chips and performs the implants, the chip is implanted in the tissue between the shoulder and elbow.

How do I find an unwanted tracking device?

Finding a Hidden GPS Tracker on Your Car Perform an exterior inspection: Use a flashlight and mirror to check areas like the wheel wells and under the vehicle. Most trackers are hidden in easy to reach locations. The tracker may be dirty and difficult to see. Perform an interior inspection: Check the data port first.

Is it legal to track your spouse?

For example, if the tracked spouse owns or even leases the car under his or her name, the non-owner spouse cannot legally place a tracking device on it. If this happen, the spouse who placed the tracking device could face criminal charges for stalking.