Can you use SimpliSafe camera without subscription?
Can you use SimpliSafe camera without subscription?

How much is SimpliSafe outdoor camera?

For $169, the SimpliSafe outdoor camera is priced fairly, in my view….SimpliSafe Cameras: Cost Breakdown.

SimpliSafe Product Product Type Price
SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Outdoor Security Camera 1080p resolution Battery-powered $169

•Jun 9, 2022

Can I self monitor SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe offers three monitoring options – Self Monitoring with Camera Recording, Standard Monitoring, and its premium Interactive Monitoring. Self Monitoring ($9.99 per month): SimpliSafe's self-monitoring service allows you to view live camera footage and keep unlimited recordings for up to five cameras.

Can you talk through SimpliSafe camera?

Two-way audio works on all cameras in the SimpliSafe system. To speak, hold down the microphone button while viewing the livestream. To listen, release the microphone button to hear audio from the camera. You will not be able to hear the audio while holding down the microphone button.