Do Arlo cameras work without WiFi?
Do Arlo cameras work without WiFi?

How do I setup my Arlo camera without WiFi?

The Arlo Go (Amazon) camera runs off of 3G/4G LTE wireless connections and comes with an Arlo Mobile SIM card. All you have to do is take it out of the box and connect it to your Arlo account and your camera will be able to start properly working.

Do Arlo cameras require internet connection?

To install and use your Arlo system, you must have a high-speed Internet connection and the minimum operated system required to use the Arlo app or web portal. You can use the Arlo app or web portal to access video footage from your Arlo cameras.

Does Arlo record if Internet is down?

The Arlo camera does not have internal storage. Instead it connects to the base station and from there on to the internet. It "records" to the internet. If the internet connection is down, nothing is recorded and you cannot access your camera's.

Does Arlo work on cellular?

No Problem! Arlo Go is the fully wireless security camera with 720p HD video that works with your mobile 3G or 4G LTE cellular plan. Battery & optional AC adapters make it perfect for any location, home, or business with limited bandwidth or no Wi-Fi connection.

How long does the battery last on Arlo cameras?

The original Arlo Wire-Free promises up to 6 months of battery life, but plenty of users have found that the actual battery life of their Arlo Wire-Free cameras is around 3-4 months. The four included CR123 batteries are not rechargeable, so you'll have to replace them after the extra set runs out.

Where do you put the Arlo camera?

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What is the monthly fee for Arlo cameras?

The Arlo Secure plan's cost changes based on how many cameras you want cloud storage for: Arlo Secure (Single Camera) costs $2.99 a month. Arlo Secure (Unlimited Cameras) costs $9.99 a month.

Can someone hack Arlo cameras?

Arlo security cameras can be hacked if they're connected to a wireless Internet connection since these connections are rarely secure enough to keep out dedicated hackers. The best way to prevent hacking is to purchase an Arlo model that operates on a cellular network with two-factor authentication.

Do Arlo cameras record sound?

Yes, all Arlo cameras except Arlo Wire-Free can record video with audio. Arlo Wire-Free cameras can only record video without audio.

How high should Arlo cameras be mounted?

7 feet
Elevate your camera. Mount your Arlo camera at least 7 feet (2 meters) high and aim it slightly downward for the best sensor performance. For Arlo floodlights and doorbells, see your user manual for placement height tips.

How far do Arlo cameras reach?

300 feet
Maximum. You can place your camera a maximum of 300 feet (90 meters) from the base station. The maximum line-of-sight range of 300 feet is reduced by each wall, ceiling, or other major obstruction between the camera and base station.