Does SimpliSafe doorbell record video?
Does SimpliSafe doorbell record video?

Does SimpliSafe automatically record video?

Recordings will be automatically created on certain events, including whenever your SimpliSafe system is disarmed and on alarms. In addition, you can manually create a recording at any time while viewing the camera live.

How do I view my SimpliSafe camera recordings?

Tap on the event and then tap on the video preview within the event. Once the video appears by itself, tap the View History button at the bottom of the screen. Find the video clip highlighted with a banner reading Now Playing. Tap the three dot icon next to the recording and then choose Download Video.

Can you use SimpliSafe video doorbell without subscription?

One of the selling points of SimpliSafe's video doorbell is that you don't need a subscription for basic functions to work, and that's good news. Without paying the $4.99-per-month fee, the doorbell's app will pop up an alert on your phone when the doorbell senses movement or when someone presses the bell button.

Can you use SimpliSafe as a baby monitor?

A: Yes you can. It has, let's say, a "baby monitor" type function through your smartphone with sound, too. But it's potential is for the full SimpliSafe system with the hub. Its video quality is nice, though.

Where is SimpliSafe video stored?

SimpliSafe Cloud Storage
If you see something happening on camera (whether it be an intruder or just your dog doing something awesome) you will be able to capture that clip with the push of a button. From there, recordings are stored in SimpliSafe Cloud Storage for 30 days. You can also download and share clips across devices as you like.

Is the SimpliSafe Doorbell camera worth it?

It's a good option if you already have a SimpliSafe security system, but the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro has too many hiccups for us to put it at the top of our list for video doorbells overall. The SimpliSafe app lets you monitor your doorbell for free, but for video recordings, you'll need a cloud storage plan.

Is Ring compatible with SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe and Ring devices are not compatible. They cannot communicate with each other in any way, but they can be used simultaneously in the same home on the same Wi-Fi network. While SimpliSafe and Ring devices are similar, there are some important differences as well.

Can you save SimpliSafe video?

When triggered by an alarm, the camera will record video for five minutes—longer if motion is detected during the alarm. These recordings can be stored for up to 30 days, and can be downloaded from your mobile app or our webapp.

Can you delete videos from SimpliSafe?

Deleting Recordings Click on the video preview to show the whole video. Beneath the video you will see a list of all recordings. Tap the three dot menu next to the recording you'd like to delete. Choose Delete Video.

Does SimpliSafe camera have sound?

Two-way audio works on all cameras in the SimpliSafe system. To speak, hold down the microphone button while viewing the livestream. To listen, release the microphone button to hear audio from the camera.

Is SimpliSafe video encrypted?

Unsurprisingly, SimpliSafe goes to great lengths to ensure their products are the most secure on the market. According to their website, the SimpliCam “protects your video feed with the same level of encryption used by banks to protect their accounts.” Bearing this in mind, let's look at some of the specifics.

Does SimpliSafe doorbell record audio?

With a subscription, the Video Doorbell Pro will record video when the motion detection is triggered and SimpliSafe will store the recordings for up to 30 days. These recordings can be downloaded from your mobile app or website. The Video Doorbell Pro also supports video verification.

Has SimpliSafe cameras been hacked?

Can SimpliSafe be hacked? In 2019, a Youtube account called LockPickingLawyer found that SimpliSafe could be hacked if someone was nearby with a $2 dongle from Amazon. However, SimpliSafe denies this claim and says that they've never had reported hacks from their three million U.S customers.