Does SimpliSafe work on multiple floors?
Does SimpliSafe work on multiple floors?

What is the range of a SimpliSafe system?

What's the range of the SimpliSafe system? The base station can reach sensors up to 400 feet away. However, all keypads need to be within 100 feet of the station to work properly.

Does SimpliSafe work with a large house?

SimpliSafe offers multiple packages for large homes as well as a build-your-own option. This gives SimpliSafe the flexibility to work in any home no matter the size. Their products have a range of up to 1,000 feet. Voice and phone control allow for system access from anywhere in a large house.

Will SimpliSafe work in basement?

With SimpliSafe, you can add an entry sensor to the window or a glass break sensor in the basement. If the burglar does try to open your window now armed with an entry sensor, the alarm will trigger.

Can SimpliSafe cameras get hacked?

What is this? Their cameras and security systems are pretty safe from external attacks like brute-forcing or other direct hacking attacks, so you'll be protected from most threats. SimpliSafe keeps security first, and that is why we can expect their hardware and software to be hacker-proof, but there are no guarantees.