How do I cancel SimpliSafe when I move?
How do I cancel SimpliSafe when I move?

How do I cancel my SimpliSafe contract?

To cancel SimpliSafe, call the SimpliSafe customer service line at +1-888-783-8441. Their support team is available every day of the year between 8 a.m. and midnight (EST). Have your safeword at the ready to confirm you own the security system.

How do I move SimpliSafe to another house?

If you are planning to relocate, just press the “I'm Moving” button under Plan + Billing in your SimpliSafe app or give us a call at (888) 692-0229 for additional assistance. We make every effort to ease your transition and can provide many materials and services for free.

Is there a battery in the SimpliSafe keyfob?

On the long side opposite from the button, slide that piece away from the keyring, this will expose the Keychain Remote's CR-1632 Lithium 3V battery, which can then be replaced.

What does the SimpliSafe keyfob do?

About this item. remotely control your security system to arm and disarm with the push of a button. built-in panic button alerts emergency monitoring that you need help fast.

How long do I have to return SimpliSafe?

within 60 days
SimpliSafe returns and refunds That said, you'll need to return your system within 60 days of purchase to get a full refund. To get started, email customer service or call the service number. SimpliSafe will send you a shipping label, and you'll receive a refund in three to five business days.

How far away does the SimpliSafe Key Fob work?

Our Key Fob works just like your car's. You can arm and disarm your whole home with the push of a button—from up to 30' away. With a monitoring plan, you can press the Panic Button to alert our monitoring center immediately if there's an emergency.

Does SimpliSafe have good customer service?

Most reported a great experience with the product and helpful customer service, but we saw a fair share of complaints as well. Of the 350+ customers who reviewed SimpliSafe on Consumer Affairs, most gave the company good ratings, resulting in 3.6 stars out of 4.