How do I get xDai?
How do I get xDai?

How do I get xDai on MetaMask?

How to Get xDAI / How to Convert DAI to xDAI / ETH > DAI > xDAI

  1. Install MetaMask, create an account. Deposit some ETH.
  2. Convert ETH to DAI with Uniswap. Now you have DAI in your MetaMask account.
  3. Go to Click on Exchange.
  4. Choose an amount, click Send button. After you click send it can take a few minutes.

How do you convert Ethereum to xDai?

Transfer Dai from the Ethereum Mainnet to the xDai chain

  1. Connect to the Ethereum Mainnet and locate DAI in your webwallet.
  2. Click Send.
  3. Enter in the following: TokenBridge Address as the recipient: 0x4aa42145Aa6Ebf72e164C9bBC74fbD3788045016. Amount to Send. Press Next.
  4. Submit the transaction.

Is xDai the same as DAI?

xDAI is a derivative of the DAI cryptocurrency (hence the xDAI name). DAI is a cryptocurrency stablecoin that is pegged to the US Dollar. A stablecoin is a cryptocurrency pegged to another stable asset.

How do I send money to xDai?

Send DAI or ETH from the Burner Wallet

  1. Go to the Exchange Page.
  2. Click on an arrow next to the currency you want to send. Note the scanner icon will move when you scroll.
  3. Fill in the user details and click Send.
  4. Follow progress in the app.

How much is xDAI?

xDai's price today is US$5.06, with a 24-hour trading volume of $305. STAKE is -1.50% in the last 24 hours.

What chain is xDAI on?

Gnosis chain
xDAI is the other token on Gnosis chain. It's a stablecoin that is pegged to DAI, which is pegged to USD.