How does ADT work?
How does ADT work?

Is ADT Wired or wireless?

Traditionally, home security systems relied on a wired home phone to provide an around-the-clock link to a security company, but things have changed with the advent of cellular technology. So, ADT has evolved to offer both wired and wireless home security solutions.

Can I disarm my ADT alarm with my phone?

How can I arm and disarm my system using the Pulse app? To remotely arm or disarm your system, log into the Pulse app and you'll see a large red or green icon on your dashboard. To arm your system, tap the green icon. Choose if you'd like to arm your system STAY or AWAY.

How do I turn my ADT alarm off?

If you have the key fob handy, simply press “disarm”––sometimes a little shield icon with the diagonal slash––and your system will disarm; no extra steps necessary.