How long is Vivint contract?
How long is Vivint contract?

How long do I have to cancel Vivint?

You can cancel Vivint without penalty within three days after you get the equipment. Penalty-free cancelations are also possible under special circumstances: When the user dies.

What is Vivint contract?

Vivint requires users to opt-in for a lengthy contract ranging from 42 to 60 months. Users can choose between its two packages—Smart Home Service and Smart Security Service, which cost $29.99 and $39.99 per month, respectively.

Can you cancel Vivint before installation?

The terms and conditions agreement also states that Vivint can come to your property to remove the equipment. If you choose to cancel your Vivint contract less than 24 hours before the installation date, the $49 installation fee still applies.

Can you get out of Vivint contract?

Can you get out of a Vivint contract? It might be a challenge, but you can get out of a Vivint contract. Vivint security will review your situation, and in the case of an extenuating circumstance, it will let you out of your security system contract for free.

How long do you have to pay for Vivint equipment?

Yes, this equipment is yours once you pay for it in full. If you use the financing option to pay over time, you typically pay off the equipment within three to five years.

How do I get out of my Vivint security contract?

To cancel your contract, you can either snail mail, email, or fax a written Notice of Cancellation to the company. Be sure to do this at least 30-days before your intended cancellation date.