How much is a home security system per month?
How much is a home security system per month?

Can ADT work without Wi-Fi?

Choosing to set up your system to communicate through your cell phone service rather than a landline still doesn't require you to have an internet connection. This is unique to ADT as most other in-home security systems rely on Wi-Fi for devices to both talk to each other and work with the central keypad unit.

Do I need WIFI for ADT?

ADT offers Wi-Fi-enabled outdoor security cameras that you control and monitor from the ADT app on your phone. These cameras must be installed within Wi-Fi signal range, and the closer you can get them to your router, the stronger the signal will be on which they function.

Can ADT work without a landline?

ADT monitoring realizes many homeowners choose to go without a home phone and rely solely on their cell phone. Even if you don't have a home phone, you can still take advantage of ADT monitoring with CellGuard. CellGuard uses cellular technology instead of a landline to communicate with the ADT monitoring center.