Is a car tracker worth it?
Is a car tracker worth it?

Are car trackers reliable?

So, is GPS accurate? The answer is yes – but just how accurate is it? Well, the vast majority of vehicle trackers can pinpoint the location of a car or van to a three-metre radius. That's impressive enough, though some systems are even more accurate and can track a vehicle to within a one-metre radius.

Which one is the best car tracker?

Compare the best GPS vehicle trackers

Product Best for Equipment price*
MOTOsafety GPS Tracker Best for new drivers $49.99
Bouncie Smart Driving Companion Best for vehicle maintenance $67.00
SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker Best portable tracker $39.95
Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker Honorable mention $29.95

Can you steal a car with a tracker on it?

"Since September 2021, officers have investigated five incidents where suspects have placed small tracking devices on high-end vehicles so they can later locate and steal them," according to Canada's York Regional Police.