Is Wyze owned by China?
Is Wyze owned by China?

Is Wyze cameras owned by Amazon?

Founded by former Amazon employees, Wyze is a smart home technology company based in Kirkland, Washington. In 2017, Wyze launched its first product—the Wyze Cam, an affordable smart home camera. Today Wyze offers a growing system of smart home devices.

Does Wyze sell your data?

Sales of Personal Data: Wyze does not sell your personal information. We do allow third parties to collect certain device identifiers and internet and electronic network activity via our Services for advertising purposes.

How secure is Wyze?

Each camera has its own secret key and certificate so that we can validate its identity during handshake. The contents are encrypted via AES 128-bit encryption to protect the security of the live stream and playback data.

Can Wyze camera be hacked?

Wyze Cam devices had a huge security flaw for years. The vulnerability allowed hackers to gain unauthorized access to Wyze's home security cameras.