Should I buy a house at risk of surface water flooding?
Should I buy a house at risk of surface water flooding?

What is the risk of flooding from surface water?

Risk of Flooding from Surface Water Extent: 3.3 percent annual chance.

What does high flood risk mean UK?

A high-risk area runs a 1% to 3% chance of being flooded every year while a very low risk area has a chance of being affected of less than 0.1%. Flood risk areas also come in a surprisingly different set of types including those at risk from sea or rivers, surface water, groundwater and reservoirs.

Should I be worried about surface water flooding?

Surface water flooding is a risk because of its effect. It hits not just individual homes and businesses, but the whole infrastructure – road, rail, utilities etc – of a town or city, disrupting pretty much all aspects of modern life. Surface water flooding is a risk because people don't know it is a risk.

Does risk of surface water flooding affect insurance?

Flooding could affect your enjoyment of your new home and will have an impact on the cost of insurance and your ability to obtain a mortgage.

How do I know if my house is prone to flooding?

The quickest and easiest way to find out if your property is prone to flooding is to check a flood risk map. The Environment Agency provides live maps which give information about long-term flood risk to properties.

Does surface water flood risk affect insurance?

Yes, Flood Re will cover surface water flooding but only if this is something that your insurer provides you with cover for as a standard feature of their policy. Flood Re is a re-insurance scheme and will only pay your insurer for claims cause by types of flooding that it covers as standard.

How can we prevent surface water flooding?

Top tips to reduce surface water flooding

  1. Make sure roofs are in good repair.
  2. Use water butts to collect rainfall.
  3. Patios, paths, parking spaces and other hard surfaces outdoors.
  4. Plan patios, paths and decks.
  5. Lawns, beds, borders and plants outdoors.
  6. Plant a variety of leafy vegetation to collect rainfall.