What are the five types of surveillance?
What are the five types of surveillance?

How many types of surveillance do we have?

Many security firms offer a variety of investigatory packages and services. However, when stripped down to the essentials, there are four distinct types of surveillance.

What are the different types of surveillance methods?

Types of Surveillance in Criminal Investigations

  • Electronic Monitoring. Electronic monitoring, or wiretapping, refers to the surveillance of email, fax, Internet and telephone communications.
  • Fixed Surveillance.
  • Stationary Technical Surveillance.
  • Three-Person Surveillance.
  • Undercover Operations.

What are the three purposes of surveillance?

Where the objectives of surveillance include estimating the distribution of cases within the population, and changes in that distribution, then the choice of target population, and of the mechanism for ascertaining cases, should be guided by considerations of the representativeness of the resulting information.