What is a Type K fire?
What is a Type K fire?

What is the difference between class K and f fire?

Fires involving cooking oils and fats are classified as "Class F" under the European and Australian systems, and "Class K" under the American system.

How do you extinguish a Class K?

Saponification is the quickest and most effective way to fight class K fires. Fire extinguishers rated for use with class K dangers always contain a wet chemical extinguishing agent which turns the cooking oil and fat that is serving as fuel to soap.

What is the difference between Class B and K fires?

While Class K fires do involve flammable liquids, please be aware that Class B fire extinguishers (rated for flammable liquids such as petroleum and gases) are not efficient to handle the high-temperature cooking oil and grease fires that occur in kitchens.

What are ABC fires?

This pale, yellow powder can put out all three classes of fire: Class A is for trash, wood, and paper. Class B is for liquids and gases. Class C is for energized electrical sources.