What is bad about living in Colorado?
What is bad about living in Colorado?

What are the bad things about living in Colorado?

Here's a short list of reasons why no one should want to live in Colorado.

  • Insane weather.
  • It's getting expensive.
  • Bad drivers.
  • Overcrowding on the trails.
  • Tight job market.
  • Lack of food culture.
  • Tons of tourists.
  • It's painfully dry.

Dec 27, 2019

Is Colorado a good state to live?

COLORADO, USA — Boulder, Colorado is the best place to live in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report's annual list, and three other Colorado cities placed in the top 17. Colorado Springs ranked sixth, Denver 14th and Fort Collins 17th in the list of 150 Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2021-2022.

Is moving to co a good idea?

Residents live a healthy lifestyle Consider moving to Colorado. Thanks to the state's endless number of outdoor activities, healthy food options and health-focused culture, Colorado is one of the healthiest states in the country. According to Mind Body Green, the state also has the lowest obesity rate in the country.

Is it smart to move to Colorado?

Moving to Colorado brings you amidst individuals that love to lead an active lifestyle, courtesy of the numerous things to do in the state. The healthy food options, health-focused culture and numerous outdoor activities almost throughout the year make Colorado one of the healthiest states to live in.

What should you know before moving to Colorado?

Here's what you need to know about moving to Colorado:

  • Don't expect a rock-bottom cost of living.
  • Property taxes are low.
  • Residents are active.
  • Winter doesn't need to slow you down.
  • Altitude sickness is a thing.
  • Marijuana is legal, but there are still laws surrounding it.
  • Colorado is a swing state.

Dec 20, 2019

What state has the worst humidity?

You might be surprised to see that our most northern state tops this list, but there's a reason that Alaska has the highest Relative Humidity (RH). Alaska has an average RH of 77%.