What is the best pet camera on the market?
What is the best pet camera on the market?

What camera is good for pets?

Compare SpecsThe Best Pet Cameras for 2022

Our Picks Furbo Dog Camera See It $199.00 at Amazon (Opens in a new window) Wyze Cam V3 See It $35.97 at Amazon (Opens in a new window)
Integrations Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT
Field of View 160 degrees 130 degrees
Resolution 1080p 1080p
Storage Cloud Cloud, Local

Can people hack into pet cameras?

But Is Your Pet Camera Safe From Hackers? Believe it or not, pet cameras are a magnet for hackers as they offer a private view of your home and can broadcast sensitive information. This information can then be used to perform identity theft, blackmail, or even to help thieves break into your home when you are away.

Which is better Furbo or Petcube?

Similarly, depending on your subscription tier, Petcube also offers up to 90 days of video history within the app, whereas Furbo only offers 24 hours of video history in the app (although you can still manually capture photos and video to your device with both brands).

What is better Furbo vs Petcube?

Furbo offers pet selfies and the doggie diary on the paid subscription, which Bites 2 does not. Petcube offers access to partner discounts on the paid subscription that allow you to save over $500/year. Bites 2 offers sound and motion alerts by default, while Furbo only gives you bark alerts.