What is the number for 311 NYC?
What is the number for 311 NYC?

Is 311 free in NYC?

The City does not charge for this service, but your text messaging or data rates may apply. For assistance, text HELP to 311-692 or call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK.

Is 311 NEW-YORK State?

NYC311 Text is offered free of charge but Message and Data Rates may apply. Call us at 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) from outside New York City. Skype call us at 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675).

Are 311 calls anonymous NYC?

Your 311 calls are not as anonymous as they seem. The City Council is looking at some legislation that would prevent 311 abuse, as in making false complaints to have a city employee dispatched to the scene.

How do I find building violations in NYC?

To view violations on your property, access the Buildings Information System (BIS). Refer to the BIS Property Profile Overview for the number of open DOB violations. DOB violations are shown without an asterisk next to the violation number; dismissed DOB violations are shown with an asterisk, e.g., V*7052-18P.

What happens when I dial 411?

The 411 service allows you to obtain the addresses and phone numbers of individuals and businesses entered in the phone directory at all times. This number also offers you information on the weather, movie show-times, or road maps.

How do I file a complaint against a landlord in NYC?

For general questions, call the main number, 212-306-7450. To file a complaint, call the number for scheduling appointments, 718-722-3130.

What does HPD stand for in NYC?

Established in 1978, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) promotes the quality and affordability of the city's housing and the strength and diversity of its many neighborhoods.

Do police respond to noise complaints NYC?

Report a noisy street or sidewalk. Officers from the New York Police Department (NYPD) will respond within 8 hours when they are not handling emergencies. They will be able to take action if the noise is still happening when they arrive. If you make multiple complaints within 8 hours, police may only respond once.

How do I sue my landlord for unsafe living conditions in NYC?

How To Sue My Landlord For Unsafe Living Conditions

  1. Report to your local housing authority.
  2. Sue them in small claims court.
  3. Move out abruptly.
  4. Deduct the number of repairs from the next rent.

How do I report unsafe living conditions in New York State?

Homecare Complaints

  1. Complaints for City Monitored Agencies: 929-221-0846.
  2. New York State Managed Care Complaints: 866-712-7197.

What is a Class C violation NYC?

Class C violations (immediately hazardous) Not related to heat, hot water or illegal devices or lead-based paint: Buildings with 5 or fewer units: $50 per violation per day. Buildings with more than 5 units: $50-$150 per violation plus $125 per violation per day.

How do I contact HPD NYC?

For general inquiries, please call HPD's main number: 212-863-6300.

What time does noise need to stop NYC?

10 pm until 7 am
According to NYC Quiet Hours specified in Local Law 113, neighbors in all five boroughs are bound to quiet hours from 10 pm until 7 am. This also includes having pets making loud noises longer than five minutes at a time.

How can I get revenge on my neighbors loud?

10+ Ideas for Getting Back at Noisy Neighbors (Revenge)

  1. Take Your Neighbor to Small Claims Court.
  2. Do Noisy Chores Early in the Morning.
  3. Encourage Your Kids to Be Noisy.
  4. Let Your Dog Make Noise.
  5. Practice an Instrument.
  6. Play Loud Music or Sound Effects.
  7. Play Basketball.
  8. Exercise Loudly.

Can I withhold rent for repairs in NY?

It's legal for tenants in New York to withhold rent until the landlord makes major repairs, but they must notify their landlord of the problem first—and give them a reasonable amount of time to fix it.

What makes an apartment uninhabitable in NYC?

If your apartment does not have adequate heat or hot water on a regular basis, then your landlord has violated the warranty of habitability. Also, if your landlord fails to rid your apartment of an insect infestation, this may violate the warranty of habitability.

What makes an apartment uninhabitable in New York State?

Breaches of the Warranty of Habitability in New York State Broken floor tiles which create a hazardous condition. Substantial accumulations of garbage that lead to infestations of insects or vermin. Failure to provide heat and hot water for extended periods. Severe infestation of insects and vermin.

How do I report a landlord in New York State?

If you believe your landlord is not following the law related to rent increases, you can make a complaint to the New York State Department of Homes and Community Renewal at hcr.ny.gov.

What does NYC HPD do?

Established in 1978, the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) promotes the quality and affordability of the city's housing and the strength and diversity of its many neighborhoods. HPD works to achieve this mission by: Preserving affordable housing and protecting tenants.

How do I find a complaint about a building in NYC?

Aside from Googling reviews, the easiest way to find out the status of a building is to search the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) information system.

Can you text 311 NYC?

Contact 311 311 is available online, by texting 311-692, or by calling 3-1-1 from within the City or 212-NEW-YORK outside the five boroughs. TTY service is also available by dialing 212-504-4115.

What can I do about noisy neighbors in NYC?

Call or write 311 to report noise in your building, especially if it's ongoing. The city defines non-emergency noise as "loud music or television, talking, and moving or dragging of furniture," but it can also encompass noise from pets, a loud air conditioner, and more.

How do you deal with rude and disrespectful neighbors?

5 Ways To Handle a Rude Neighbor

  1. Ask Politely.
  2. Be The Adult.
  3. Stay Calm.
  4. Be Open To Compromise.
  5. If All Else Fails, Call The Police.

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How do I get rid of a narcissistic neighbor?

1:148:45How to Deal With Narcissistic Neighbors (5 Effective Tactics)YouTube

How long does a landlord have to fix something in NY?

24 hours for immediately hazardous conditions (“C” violations); 30 days for hazardous conditions (“B” violations); and, 90 days for non-hazardous conditions (“A”) violations.

What is a landlord responsible for fixing?

Your landlord is always responsible for repairs to: the property's structure and exterior. basins, sinks, baths and other sanitary fittings including pipes and drains. heating and hot water.