Who makes Kwikset?
Who makes Kwikset?

Who manufactures Kwikset locks?

Black & Decker® company
Kwikset®, a Black & Decker® company, has been a leader in the lockset industry for 60 years. Kwikset manufactures and markets several full lines of door hardware, including handlesets, knobs, levers, deadbolts, and pocket door accessories, for residential and light commercial markets.

Is Kwikset made in China?

Kwikset is an American lock manufacturer that was first founded in 1946 in California. It has manufacturing facilities around the US, Mexico, and China and has been responsible for creating some of the best and most affordable home security solutions for many decades.

Who owns Kwikset?

Spectrum BrandsAssa AbloyBLACK+D…Spectrum Brands Legacy, Inc.
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Are Schlage locks made in the USA?

Schlage (pronounced /ˈʃleɪɡ/ SHLAYG) is an American lock manufacturer founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage. Schlage was headquartered in San Francisco from its inception until it relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1997….Schlage.

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